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Swimming For Wellbeing: Hydrotherapy With Maria

Now that we are finally out of lockdown and summer is here, it is the perfect opportunity to jump in the pool!

Swimming is a great sport that is transversal to different group of ages and levels of ability, ranging from recreational swimming to elite. Because it combines upper and lower extremity, muscle strength and cardiovascular exercise free of weight bearing, it brings in many benefits to whoever practice it.

Benefits from Swimming

Builds up your strength and endurance

Boosts your mood and helps managing stress

Improves your sleep pattern

Lowers the risk of diseases

Creates a great environment to recover after a training session, exercising impact-free

It is not exempt from injuries though, which usually come from overuse. Here are some examples of common swimming injuries.

“Swimmer’s Shoulder” Usually related impingements involving Rotator Cuff tendons, Bicipital tendon or subacromial bursa.

“Swimmer’s back” More related to butterfly, breaststroke and the hyperextension of the lumbar spine.

“Swimmer’s Knee” Mainly in breaststroke swimmers, due of the repetitive stress placed on the medial aspect of the Knee.

I have been in the water since I was 8 years old, training every day and swimming competitively until I started studying to become a Physio. During my training as a physio, I always dreamt about combining the two things that I love which is Physio and the pool. Here at MPPFG I have found that opportunity, doing Hydrotherapy.

Here at Melbourne Physiotherapy Group, we have qualified health professionals that will support you and help with your rehabilitation (in a land or water based environment) or if you want to add in some specific guided exercises that will help you excel at the pool!

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March 14, 2024
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