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The feet and ankles are highly complex structures that are tasked with carrying us from day to day. With such a significant role in our lives, ensuring you take care of your foot health is an important step in your overall health.

Podiatrists have extensive knowledge of the complexities of the lower limbs and focus on the assessment, management, and prevention of conditions that may affect this area. Whether it’s addressing foot pain, managing chronic conditions, or enhancing overall mobility, podiatry is designed to keep you on your feet wherever possible.

Podiatry Conditions and Care

General Podiatry Care

Our general podiatry care encompasses a wide range of foot and ankle concerns, from routine check-ups to conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, aiming to ensure your overall foot health.

Skin and Nail Conditions

We see common conditions like ingrown toenails, fungal infections, and bunions daily and are dedicated to enhancing your foot health while also addressing cosmetic concerns.

Footwear Assessment and Advice

We often provide footwear assessments and advice for conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, metatarsalgia, and more. This may involve recommending orthotics and insole prescriptions to support the feet and overall musculoskeletal system.

Ankle Rehabilitation

Ankle rehabilitation may be needed post-surgery, sprains, or fractures, and focuses on flexibility, balance, and injury prevention. We’ll create a custom and comprehensive rehabilitation program that may involve taping or bracing for maximum support and stability to minimise the chance of injury recurring.

Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment examines joint mobility, foot function, and walking pattern (gait). These may have a significant impact on areas like the back and knees, making this assessment a crucial starting point in many cases.

Diabetic Care

Diabetes poses unique foot risks due to delicate blood vessels and nerves. This includes peripheral neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease, and other concerns.

Podiatry: How It Works

1. Assessment

We conduct a thorough examination of your foot and lower limb health by examining your gait, mobility, and function. This gives us an opportunity to identify and address a large range of conditions and provide the most appropriate care.

2. Diagnosis

This process of identifying foot and lower limb conditions enables us to determine the most likely cause of your condition and develop a treatment plan for your specific needs.

3. Tailored Treatment

We take this information and use it to craft a treatment plan tailored to you. In doing so, we aim to provide you with the most appropriate care for your recovery.

Your Podiatry Questions Answered

No, you don’t need a referral to see a podiatrist. However, you may choose to get one if you wish or if you have a medical condition that may make you eligible for Medicare coverage.

Yes, we do! Children’s feet are always growing and undergoing changes, and we recognise this and tailor our treatments accordingly.

Your initial appointment involves a thorough assessment of your feet and lower limbs as we talk with you about your concerns. From here, we aim to develop a tailored treatment plan.

Please bring your referral, if you have one, and any relevant x-rays, scans, or documentation. If you use any braces or aids or ones you’ve used in the past, please bring these along with any other items that may be relevant, such as your regular shoes. Additionally, if you are a new client, please also complete the Patient Registration form and bring this along to your first appointment.

Yes, one of our main aims is to address chronic injuries, including of the feet and lower limbs.

Yes, we do! As well as custom orthotics, we also offer braces and aids tailor-made for you. We have prosthetic and orthotic consultancy available for referrals from medical specialists, GPs, and allied health practitioners. If your condition requires custom-made orthotics, prostheses, or help with the selection and fitting of a prefabricated product, please contact us for assistance. Our orthotics are cutting edge 3D-printed with biomechanical analysis.

If you’re dealing with foot or lower limb issues that affect your comfort and mobility, podiatry may be right for you. Whether it’s an acute problem or a chronic condition, podiatry aims to address and improve your foot health.

Yes. Podiatrists are able to analyse fungal nails and skin conditions and give you the most appropriate treatment.

Yes. Podiatrists regularly do general care such as toenail care treatment and removal of corns and callous.

How Podiatry Care Could Help You

Podiatry offers a path towards enhanced foot and lower limb health, with potential outcomes and benefits that may impact your overall well-being. Whether you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, a skin or nail condition, or a complex issue such as a sports injury or a chronic condition, podiatry may be the answer you’ve been looking for. With a personalised treatment plan, you may be able to leave your foot problems behind you.



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