Ready to restore function in your neck and back?

Experiencing Pain or Loss of Strength and Function?

getback™ helps answer two fundamental and crucially important questions when assessing your spinal symptoms and the status of your recovery:

  • How strong are my spinal muscles?
  • How strong should they be?

When dealing with conditions of the neck and back, the consequences can affect all aspects of life. Daily tasks and activities like sleep, work, exercise, and leisure can all become painful and challenging. But nobody deserves to live like that. Restoring strength and function to the neck and back are crucial aspects of recovery, and the getback™ program is specifically designed to benefit these areas.

What is getback™?

getback™ is a spinal rehabilitation program uniquely focused on restoring strength and function for patients with back or neck pain. This can cover a variety of different acute injuries or chronic conditions, and the program can be tailored to suit the individual needs of a patient. The treatment includes carefully targeted movement and strengthening exercises to reverse the ‘de-conditioning’ cycle caused by back and neck pain.

The program will include the use of medical-grade devices designed by biomechanists and exercise scientists to target the deep spinal muscles. getback™ aims to stabilise the spine, increase mobility and strength, and reduce painful symptoms. Your individual program will include several treatments, all of which will be supervised by our experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists at Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Group.

How the getback™ Program Works

1. Initial Consultation

Everything begins with your first appointment. During this consultation, it will be decided if this program is the right step for your health journey. After a thorough assessment of your symptoms and medical and exercise history, you will be allowed to progress to the Initial Assessment. Or, if your pain scores are too high, you will need to be triaged with a Physiotherapy treatment program until your pain and symptoms have settled to the threshold required.

2. Initial Assessment

In the initial assessment, we will test the strength and movement of your entire spine to identify areas of strength and weakness. Your test results will then be used to tailor your plan down to every last detail. You will typically be prescribed between 12 and 24 treatments, with the frequency and specifics dependent on the needs identified in your assessment.. getback™ recommends two treatments of approximately 30 minutes per week.

3. Commence Program

Everyone wants to see practical, tangible improvements to their health. Most patients in this program will feel an improvement in their strength and range of movement within four weeks. You will be able to track your improvement in regular reviews of your data with our Physiotherapists and accredited Exercise Physiologists – meaning you will be able to see the progress with your own eyes! Throughout the program, your treating practitioner will discuss and guide you on how to maintain your spinal strength long-term.

About The Technology

When it comes to treatment, it is essential that your body receives the unique care it needs. That’s why we prioritise tailored treatment plans, custom-built to best benefit your health needs. Our team will be able to direct you to the right course of treatment, which very well may involve getback™ technology. Here are some of the key facts to understand about how this program works:

Spinal Health You Can See

getback™ offers the unique opportunity to measure and analyse your spinal health. The strength and flexibility of your deep spinal muscles are measured by getback™ devices during your initial assessment. The beauty of this system is that your results are compared to the level of strength you should have - based on global normative data.

Data Driven

Your treatment program will be individually tailored to your body. This will all be based on the data from your assessment, as well as a questionnaire to understand which specific movements trigger your pain.

Easing Into Exercise

Taking care of your body is key, and diving straight into intense exercise or activity is a recipe for disaster. That’s why getback™ treatment starts with a limited range of movement and light loading.

The Right Level of Support

getback™ devices are precisely designed to offer the ideal amount of support for easy-to-handle loading. This technology ensures that your initial rehabilitation phase is well-supervised, focusing on highly targeted resistance.

Real-Time Feedback

There is nothing better than being able to track your progress and visualise the results of your work. The devices are able to guide your exercise by offering visual feedback on your movements in real-time. This helps to make sure you’re working within your predetermined ‘safe range’.

Researched and Tested Equipment

getback™ devices are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods [ARTG] Certificate #244352 as Medical Devices Class 1.

Your getback™ Questions Answered

Yes, we certainly do. Loss of strength and function are typical symptoms of long-term chronic neck and back conditions, and this treatment program could very well offer crucial rehabilitation support.c neck and back conditions, and this treatment program could very well offer crucial rehabilitation support.

No referral is necessary to work with our team at Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Group. However, if you visit a GP first, you may be eligible for subsided treatment through programs like EPC, TAC, NDIS, or WorkCover.

There is no specific age range or target demographic for this program. Your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will be able to offer personalised advice regarding whether these devices are right for your body and health needs.

Your first appointment is all about consultation. This initial discussion will provide your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist with an overview of your medical and exercise history, condition, needs, symptoms, and goals. From there, you will be able to collaborate on your tailored treatment plan.

All we require is that you bring any relevant medical documentation to your appointment. This will help guide your assessment and the development of your personal treatment plan.

Yes, absolutely. This program is researched and developed based on measurable data. With accredited devices and experienced team members guiding you through every appointment, you can be sure you’re in an environment that prioritises safety.



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