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Therapist-led hydrotherapy at the St Kilda Sea Baths.

A Personalised Approach to Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a unique and highly effective approach to rehabilitation and pain management. In this holistic exercise, also known as aquatic physical therapy, you’ll complete exercises from your tailored treatment plan. With sessions at the St Kilda Sea Baths (SKSB), you’ll bathe in seawater heated to the perfect temperature.

Unlike other hydrotherapy classes, we offer assessments and custom therapy plans designed to cater to various conditions, from post-surgery recovery to chronic pain management. With a team of experienced clinicians, we craft individualised hydrotherapy sessions that cater to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking rehabilitation, enhanced mobility, or relaxation, our hydrotherapy program offers a refreshing path to your well-being.

Experience the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The benefits of hydrotherapy exercises are numerous, as it’s incredibly versatile and provides a gentle approach to improving your health and quality of life. It may assist with pain relief, improved range of motion, enhanced circulation, stress reduction, improved muscle strength, balance and coordination, weight management, post-surgery recovery, arthritis relief, and mental well-being.

You don’t need to be able to swim in order to participate, and even those who don’t really like the water often quickly change their minds as they reap the benefits. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of hydrotherapy may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the guidance of your Physio or healthcare professional.

Hydrotherapy: What to Expect

1. Initial Assessment

Before you can join one of our hydrotherapy sessions, you’ll need to meet with one of our Physiotherapists for a thorough assessment. This appointment will cover your medical history and any conditions that you’re looking to treat, as well as your health and well-being goals.

2. Tailored Hydrotherapy Plan

Your Physiotherapist will craft a personalised hydrotherapy plan that incorporates all of the information they gathered at your assessment. They will also advise as to the frequency and duration of sessions required, with room for the exercise program to be adapted as needs change.

3. Small Group Sessions

You will be invited to join one of our small group sessions, which are held at the St Kilda Sea Baths (SKSB) and run for 60 minutes. Participants will be able to experience the pleasure of bathing in water that has been derived directly from the sea and heated to a soothing temperature.

Your Hydrotherapy Questions Answered

For an enjoyable hydrotherapy session, you will typically need to bring swimwear, a towel, non-slip footwear (for safe movement around the pool area), a change of clothes for after your session, and any personal items you may require (such as a water bottle, goggles, swimming cap, and so on).

Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions and health concerns, including:

  • Arthritis: Warm water can ease the joint pain and stiffness associated with various types of arthritis
  • Musculoskeletal injuries: Hydrotherapy can aid in the rehabilitation of injuries (like muscle spasms, sprains, strains, and fractures)
  • Chronic pain: It can provide relief for chronic pain conditions (like fibromyalgia and lower back pain)
  • Post-surgery recovery: It can accelerate recovery after surgery (like joint replacements and ligament repairs)
  • Neurological conditions: It can assist individuals suffering from various disorders (like multiple sclerosis or stroke) to improve mobility
  • Sports injuries: Athletes often use hydrotherapy to recover from sports-related injuries and improve performance
  • Stress and anxiety: Immersion in warm water promotes relaxation, thereby reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • Obesity: Aquatic exercise can support weight management through the provision of low-impact workouts
  • Balance and coordination: Hydrotherapy helps to improve balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls (especially in the elderly)
  • Respiratory conditions: Gentle aquatic exercises can aid in managing some respiratory conditions (like asthma)
  • Pregnancy-related discomfort: It can relieve pain and discomfort (specifically in the back and pelvis) associated with pregnancy
  • Rheumatoid disorders: It can benefit individuals with conditions like Raynaud’s disease or Sjögren’s syndrome

Yes, of course! We recommend completing a couple of sessions under the supervision of your therapist first to ensure that you’re performing the exercises correctly, but practising in your own time can be a great way to boost the benefits that hydrotherapy offers. A special hydrotherapy pool is not a necessity.

Yes, you do. As all our sessions are based on tailored plans, meeting with a therapist will ensure that your specific medical condition and associated goals are taken into account. It will also ensure that you receive the full benefit from this type of treatment, as exercises vary between individuals.

If you have a WorkCover or TAC claim and a therapist has determined that your condition would benefit from hydrotherapy, then it will be covered. Your sessions may also be covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (if you hold a relevant card), Comcare, or Medicare.



Explore Hydrotherapy with a Qualified Physiotherapist Today

If you’re looking for expert care from a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who is skilled in aquatic treatment, look no further than Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Group. Whether you want to rehabilitate after an injury, manage chronic pain or another health condition, or just want to begin exercising in a safe and controlled way, warm water aquatic Physiotherapy could be the solution.

Get in touch with our helpful team and get started on your wellness journey today with a hydrotherapy program tailored to your needs.

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