Conditions needing surgery


Where a diagnosis calls for surgery, a modern approach taken by Surgeons and Physiotherapists is to perform a rehabilitation program to improve the condition of the joint in the pre-operative phase.

This is known as ‘Prehab’ and ensures the joint in question and general physical condition is as good as possible before entering surgery. This allows optimal recovery and a smoother passage through the post-operative phase, facilitating faster progress with reduced risk of post-surgery complications.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

MPPFG have managed the post-operative rehabilitation for Australia’s leading sporting teams and organisations and elite champions from a wide range of sports, as well as your average weekend batsman.

MPPFG can be trusted to manage your Post-Operative rehabilitation….even if you don’t consider yourself to be an athlete.

Whether you have had an ACL re-construction of your knee, plates and screws put into your ankle fracture, stabilisation of your dislocated shoulder or preparing for a hip or knee joint replacement, MPPFG will help you optimise the outcome from your procedure. With a leading facility, familiarity with post-surgical protocols and scope for comprehensive rehabilitation, MPPFG will partner with you to achieve the best outcome.

With our experience and expertise, MPPFG will accelerate your recovery from surgery. Initially treatment will aim to quickly relieve pain and swelling, and protect the surgical procedure according to the surgeon’s instructions. MPPFG will progress you as quickly and as optimally as we can within the guidelines of the surgeon’s protocol.

We are experienced with the pitfalls and complications that may occur and monitor your progress closely to prevent this, and will alert the surgeon for advice/intervention when necessary.

MPPFG will work closely with your specific needs to progress you quickly and thoroughly through your rehabilitation.

For patients wanting to return to the demanding levels of athletic performance, MPPFG may refer you to one or more of our expert practitioners in the disciplines of Clinical Exercise/Pilates, Exercise Physiology and/or Athletic Development Coaching under our ‘Co-ordinated Care’ model.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Expertise

MPPFG has particular expertise in the following areas of post-surgical rehabilitation:

MPPFG can participate in early discharge programs and can co-ordinate a program that meets your requirements.



At Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Group, we work with people from all walks of life.

Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to improve your healthy habits or a retiree looking to combat painful health conditions, our team is ready to lend a hand.

With team members who speak English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit, we make exceptional care more accessible than ever. Our wide range of treatment options means the friendly and professional staff at MPPFG are bound to have a treatment recommendation for your concerns. Book an appointment today to discuss your health needs further.

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