Exercise Programs for Musculoskeletal Condition

A very important aspect of your successful treatment is the prescription of specific exercises that will assist your recovery.

An even more important aspect is the active performance of these exercises! MPPFG has the expertise to not only prescribe the exercises that are appropriate for your condition but also precisely manage the timing and progression of your exercise program. We also have extensive experience through our experience in sport to help design programs that are integral for a speedy and full recovery. 

Exercises that MPPFG practitioners prescribe are designed to meet the following goals:

Stretching of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint soft tissue is undertaken to improve the available mobility and to reduce pain.

Activation of weak and disused muscles

Muscles not only weaken but can also shut down due to the body's response to pain - a concept known as 'pain inhibition'. This fact is a crucial element that your treatment will address. You will be shown and prescribed an array of carefully designed exercises. You may benefit from technologies such as EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), EMG Biofeedback and if indicated for core exercises the state-of-the-art technology such as Diagnostic Real-Time Ultrasound which provides images of the muscles you are trying to activate. You will be referred into this service under MPPFG's 'Co-ordinated Care' model if it is deemed appropriate for your condition.

Stabilisation Training

This concept can apply to any region of the body but finds common application in the spine, pelvis, hip, and shoulder regions where joint instability produces profound negative effects.

Postural Correction

This aims to restore improved alignment of your spine to neutral more natural postures. Educating you to improve/avoid the chronic drivers of poor posture will improve physical comfort and function.

Balance and Co-Ordination

Also known as proprioception, this involves regaining joint position sense and the reactions to preserve control, steadiness and balance that can be lost through injury. Equipment such as foam squares, wobble boards, 'Duradiscs', 'Pro-Fitter's', slide boards and mini-trampolines are often used.

Strength and Conditioning

High-load resistance exercises are used to recover deficits in gross strength as well as improve agility, endurance, speed and power etc.

Return-To-Sport training

This aims to integrate the specific higher-end demands of the sport you are returning to. This may involve running drills, sport specific skill drills, etc.




At Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Group, we work with people from all walks of life.

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With team members who speak English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit, we make exceptional care more accessible than ever. Our wide range of treatment options means the friendly and professional staff at MPPFG are bound to have a treatment recommendation for your concerns. Book an appointment today to discuss your health needs further.

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