Our physiotherapists have experience in a wide range of sports and sports related injuries. They implement a range of physiotherapy intervention techniques to rehabilitate and help prevent further injuries. They understand the high level of pressure that sport plays on the body and the injuries that might result.

In addition to our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy techniques, our sports physiotherapy services include the following:


High-load resistance exercises are used to recover deficits in gross strength as well as improve agility, endurance, speed and power etc.


Also known as proprioception, this involves regaining joint position sense and the reactions to preserve control, steadiness and balance that can be lost through injury. Equipment such as foam squares, wobble boards, ‘Duradiscs’, ‘Pro-Fitter’s’, slide boards and mini-trampolines are often used.


This aims to integrate the specific higher-end demands of the sport you are returning to. This may involve running drills, sport specific skill drills, etc.


  • Athletic Screening – This service is delivered to individual athletes and/or whole sports teams and their organisations. Athletic screening is a crucial strategy in the prevention of injuries. It provides a testing protocol which establishes baseline readings on a range of physical parameters. A profile of an athlete is developed by analysing the outcomes of the testing protocol.
    This allows close monitoring of an athlete’s status during the training and competition schedule. It can also alert sports physiotherapists to injury risk and performance variables. Athletic screening can help generate customised exercise programs for both remedial and performance enhancing benefits.
  • Video Running Analysis
  • Cycle Screening – MPG can provide cycling enthusiasts with a detailed physical screening assessment that can assist in prevention and management of cycling related conditions.
  • Groin Pain Screening – groin and pelvic pain syndromes can be very debilitating for athletes and cause frustration. MPG can assist you by expertly assessing and diagnosing key parameters of your groin and pelvic function. MPG can help diagnose, treat and manage some of these common groin and pelvic conditions:
    • Osteitis Pubis
    • FAI (Femero-acetabular Impingement)
    • Pelvic Instability
    • Tendinopathy
    • Hernia
  • Spinal Health Checks – a clinical assessment of the major parameters of your spine’s health and functional status. This involves examination of:
    • spinal joint motion through cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
    • soft tissues (muscle, tendon, fascia) tension and hypersensitivity
    • strength testing of spinal muscles
  • Joint Assessments – A health check of your upper and lower limb joints for
    • Mobility
    • Strength and function
    • Effects of previous injury and/or degenerative changes. Pre-Participation Screening
  • Diagnostic Real-time Ultrasound