Strength and Conditioning

MPPFG Strength and Conditioning Coaches provide you with functional programs to:

  • Improve your health
  • Get you back-on-track after injury
  • Develop athletic qualities important to success

Our Coaches develop individualised programs to help you meet your performance, fitness and health goals. The major areas are:

  • Functional strength and power
  • Sport-specific speed & agility
  • Prevent injury, or return from injury faster
  • Move better and run faster
  • Improve mechanics, technique & form
  • Become a stronger, faster & more economical endurance athlete
  • Build a comprehensive athletic foundation for athletes


Our Strength and Conditioning programs take you beyond generic gym, studio and personal training programs.

We prefer you to train for performance, not simply ‘work-out for fitness’. We do this by:

  • Taking a thorough exercise, training and injury history
  • Establishing your physical strengths and weaknesses
  • Highlighting training opportunities and threats
  • Being based upon scientific research and proven training principles
  • Balancing systematic progress and flexibility
  • Emphasising technique and movement, not muscles


Take advantage of our unique range of specialist training services and programs:

  • Training plan & program reviews
  • Exercise & technique analysis
  • Functional biomechanics screening
  • Integrated Pilates-Informed exercise programs
  • HD video analysis of running mechanics and technique

Run Strong – Specialist exercise programs for recreational and competitive runners and athletes in run-based field and court sports

Stronger for Longer – Become a more economical, faster, resilient and injury free endurance or multi-sport athlete

Soviet Training Secrets – Long-hidden and highly effective Russian training concepts and exercises

Body Strong – Get better relative strength and power with unique recruitment, activation, general strength and sport-specific exercises using body weight

Sitting Strong – Counter the effects of sitting through specially targeted strengthening and mobility exercises

Group Training – Regular small (3 people) or medium (up to 8 people) group sessions are a great way to build motivation, reduce cost and have fun


Our Strength and Conditioning Coaches are highly experienced, tertiary trained and registered with the Australian Sports Commission.