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Podiatry Tips: Buying The Best Shoes On The Market!

MPPFG are excited to now be offering Podiatry services. Check out some tips below about buying the best shoes, and if you would like to book in call (03) 9534 0611!

How to Buy the Best Shoes in the Market

Tip #1 – Width

Your foot should have some room to spread out in the toe of the shoe to allow space while weight bearing. Cramming and squeezing feet can lead to forefoot conditions like Plantar Plate Conditions, Neuromas or Bursae.

Tip #2 – Stack Height

This refers to how much foam is in the heel of the shoe compared to the toe of the shoe. A normal stack height is 10mm, but depending on your foot shoes can vary from 4-12mm. As a general rule, a recreational runner should be looking for a stack height between 8-10mm.

Tip #3 – Shoe Support Type

There are two types of arch support – either neutral with no arch support or a lot of arch support. The amount of support required differs from person to person, use of shoe and foot anatomy. As a rule, an orthotic generally goes in a neutral shoe. The orthotic is working to place a foot in a position of neutral hence no correction in the shoe will be needed.

A stability shoe can provide mild to considerate motion control by reducing the amount of pronation or rolling in of the feet. If an individual were to have excessive pronation whilst running, certain muscles or tendons could be overloaded.

Exercise shoes have a life of roughly 700kms. Therefore, the average person running 10-15km a week should change their footwear every 12 months. A handy tip is to have two pairs of exercise shoes on the go.

Please feel free to make an appointment to contact our podiatrist Janita to have your shoes fitted and assessed.

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March 14, 2024
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