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Myotherapy And Telehealth

Many of the techniques used in Myotherapy appointments produce their best results when supplemented by a daily home conditioning program. Now is the perfect time to embrace a program that only requires 10-20mins per day for some rapid results!

It can be part of your existing lockdown fitness routine or it can be your whole routine. For many of us, as our schedule has shifted to a home-based workday, the walking, moving between meetings, stepping out for coffee that we normally take for granted are all absent from the day. This increases our daily static hours.  

To combat this, we should be moving the body (joints, muscles, fascia) through various ranges of motion each day in order to maintain optimal physical health at this time. Walking and jogging cover only some of these requirements.

Myofascia responds optimally to short, frequent (daily) release applications, rather than one intense application per week or per fortnight. 

Our goal in Myo is to support patients as best we can with material that will supplement their existing clinical progress. For new patients, Telehealth introduces a way to address current musculoskeletal concerns in the safest possible setting outside the clinic. 

Benefits of a daily supplementary programme (after just one week):

– reduced tissue sensitivity, discomfort and restriction

– faster results 

– a consciousness shift that prioritises physical awareness in daily life

– measureable, progressive improvement of range of motion

– reduced loss of progress in the patient’s existing clinical trajectory


Losses experienced without supplementary homework

– myofascia returns to original problematic state / restricted range position

– release experienced in the clinic appointment is short-lived

– sensitivity remains (and possibly increases in the short term)



– All patient trajectory (existing goals) can continue to be addressed in the modified telehealth context, with clinical direction, equipment, constructive rest and nutrition.

– Education for home office posture and ergonomic alignment

– Headaches and TMJ discomfort

– Low back pain

– Spinal instability

– Post-exercise soreness (DOMS)

– Breathing insufficiencies and physical effects of illness like coughing, increased mucous, swelling and inflammation 

– Stress and anxiety

– Sleep difficulties 

– Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

– Lymphatic Drainage Techniques



– Myofascial Dry Needling

– Myofascial Cupping


HOW TO BOOK: Please call reception with your selection from below or to speak with Myotherapist about any concerns you may have. 

– Myotherapy in-clinic appointment – as usual. PHI claims onsite

– Myotherapy ONLINE* – $97 45min.  PHI rebates not currently available

– Myotherapy in-clinic Supplementary Program 1:1** – $97 45min.  PHI rebates not currently available.

– Myotherapy Supplementary GROUP Program* $17, 45min. A group class with a general theme each time, not suitable for patients currently managing injury.

*Props, floor and wall space required where possible. Now is a good time to create a dedicated bodywork space at home. 

**Limited physical contact with practitioner

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March 14, 2024
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