Difficult, Stubborn Conditions

Difficult, Stubborn Conditions

What happens if I’m not getting better?

The vast majority of cases we see are successfully resolved in-house. However, on occasion some conditions may be difficult to diagnose and/or not respond to the treatment provided. MPPFG can assure you that if progress is not meeting our standards of excellence then the following pathways will be discussed with you:

  • You may be referred to another practitioner within the practice for a second opinion.
  • You may be asked to obtain investigations such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT & MRI scans.
  • You may be referred to a medical specialist within our network of co-ordinated services.

Some conditions are genuinely difficult to treat. Over 25+ years MPPFG has had the experience to recognise when progress is meeting our professional expectations even if this may seem frustratingly slow to you the patient. You can be assured that we will not hesitate to consider all avenues to ensure your optimal care.

Do you have a condition that has failed to respond to therapy elsewhere?


At MPPFG we are confident of making a difference in complex and recalcitrant conditions which have not responded adequately to treatment elsewhere. With our wealth of experience, extensive postgraduate training, ongoing professional development and state of the art facilities, we believe we are worthy of attracting patients who may be frustrated or disillusioned with other treatments.

We invite patients seeking a second opinion to consult us. Based on past experience, we will not be able to tell how positively you will respond to a treatment program at MPPFG until an initial assessment and a trial of treatment. This would typically involve two treatment sessions per week for four to eight weeks before we can reasonably expect to gauge your response to our treatment program.

Under our Co-ordinated Care model, you will almost certainly be referred to other practitioners in our network where and when appropriate. You will be consulted at each step of this process and have an active involvement in the decisions to proceed.

We understand that financial matters or private health insurance status can be a significant concern in on-going conditions. We can tailor a program that you will be happy to proceed with and in turn help to alleviate some of the anxiety and uncertainty around your recalcitrant complaint.

In the case of a complex and recalcitrant condition you may be recommended to undertake long consultations. This allows the practitioner time to perform more sophisticated diagnostic assessments and treatment programs.

The cost for long consultations whilst greater still represents excellent value for money. Your private health insurer may support this option as many funds now pay a fixed percentage of the consultation fee rather than a capped dollar amount. Please check your Physiotherapy cover so that you know what rebate benefit you are entitled to. You may be eligible for five rebates per year for chronic conditions under the Medicare EPC program.