Fitness Pilates

Even though you may not identify a specific problem requiring treatment, your day-to-day life and regular activities can benefit from Pilates training. Such regular pursuits as office work, golf, gardening, dancing and playing with the kids can all benefit from general Pilates classes.


In contrast to Clinical Pilates, Fitness Pilates (also known as General/Wellness Pilates) offers exercises to maintain and improve general wellbeing. Fitness Pilates is often undertaken in small groups under supervision after the initial one-on-one consultation.

Both our Clinical and Fitness Pilates programs start with a Real-Time Ultrasound to assess the performance of deep-core stabilising muscles.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates combines therapeutic and remedial exercises to treat a specific injury or condition. It focuses on the re-training and recruitment of deep stabilising muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.

Clinical Pilates (as opposed to Fitness Pilates) identifies key issues and addresses them by applying carefully selected exercises. This ensures optimal gains whilst minimising the likelihood of aggravating the injury.

Our expert practitioners will work through the idiosyncracies of your particular condition to improve and maintain function. Whether you are injured or requiring rehabilitation, Clinical Pilates can suit the long term user.