Cycle Screen


What is a cycle screen?

Our cycle screens are conducted by APA Physio therapists.

Whether you are a competitive cyclist, a commuter or you simply enjoy cycling, a cycle screen can benefit you. A cycle screen is a specialised clinical assessment of your biomechanics. Throughout the assessment, your cycling passion is kept in mind.

During your assessment you will have the opportunity to discuss and receive guidance for any issues you may be experiencing while cycling.

Our cycle screens are performed by APA Physiotherapist and cycling enthusiast Tom Ranger. Tom has achieved Masters level physiotherapy training and is currently completing his PhD in anatomy and biomechanics at Monash University.

How can a cycle screen help you?

A cycle screen can assist any bicycle user. They are suitable for riders with or without an injury and those new to cycling. You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from cycle screens. Cycle screens function to improve:

  • personal safety
  • comfort
  • speed

This is achieved by maximising power output and changes in your biomechanics.  Additionally, cycle screens are ideal for people with an injury that may be aggravated or caused by cycling.


What is involved?

A cycle screen involves a full physiotherapy assessment on and off the bike. It begins with a patient history tailored to cycling and followed by a clinical assessment.

The clinical assessment includes testing of joint range plus strength and endurance of relevant muscle groups.

Your bike is then measured before your riding position and technique are assessed. This may include a video assessment. From this, specific exercises may be provided to improve your cycling technique and comfort on the bike.

If you already see a therapist at Melbourne Physiotherapy Pilates + Fitness Group wou will have the added benefit of a full and direct handover between your treating therapists.

What to bring

A cycle screen is bike specific so please bring the bicycle you would like to be assessed on as well as comfortable clothing and cleats (if appropriate).