Insurance & Compensation

Insurance & Compensation

Private health fund

All private health funds give members the option of physiotherapy cover. Some health funds also give you the option to claim on exercise physiology and massage. If your policy includes physiotherapy, exercise physiology or massage cover, please bring your private health insurance Hicaps card to claim your rebate directly from our reception desk.

If you are unsure of your rebate amount, please contact your health fund.

If you are doing Pilates treatment for an injury you are eligible to claim on your private health insurance. (Please note, exercise physiology is not recognised by all private health insurance companies.)

If you are doing Pilates as part of your normal exercise regime and you are not injured, you are not eligible to claim on your private health insurance.

Medicare – EPC

If you have a chronic problem you can qualify for Medicare benefits under the ‘Enhanced Primary Care’ program. Under this program, you can receive approximately $50 per session back from Medicare for 5 visits per calendar year. However, to qualify for these benefits you must obtain a referral from your doctor who needs to complete an EPC care plan.


TAC changed their medical-excess structure as of February 14th 2018. If your accident occurred on or after this date then there are no excess payments required by you.

MPPFG no longer requires TAC Patients to pay a Gap Fee for services including Physiotherapy, Pilates, Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning and Dietetics. To be eligible Patients need to have an active TAC Claim and TAC Claim Number.

This means that if your accident occurred on or after February 14th 2018 there are no out of pocket costs for your treatment.

If your accident occurred prior to February 14th 2018 please check here to see if you are required to pay a medical-excess.


WorkSafe fee schedules have been severely out of step with the fee structures of quality Victorian Private Practitioners for over 20 years.

The fee schedule of Worksafe does not match the costs involved in running a quality practice. Although MPPFG tried for many years to work within the fee schedules dictated to the profession by these authorities it was not possible to continue to offer the scope of facilities, state of the art technologies and experienced professional staff at these significantly lower fees.

MPPFG has found it necessary to implement a ‘Gap Fee’ policy to help bridge the difference between MPPFG’s fee schedule and the amount MPPFG is reimbursed by these Worksafe.

MPPFG only requests approximately 50% (NOT 100%) of the gap in fee schedules.

Payment of gap fees are expected at the time of service.

Veterans’ Affairs

A range of Physiotherapy (including Hydrotherapy) and Exercise Physiology services are offered to “Department of Veterans Affairs” clients. As specified by the DVA fact sheet DVA03:

  • “Holders of a GOLD CARD (Repatriation Health Card – For All Conditions within Australia) are entitled to the full range of health care services…aids and appliances to help them to remain in their home”. This includes Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology for all conditions.
  • “Holders of a WHITE CARD (Repatriation Health Card – For Specific Conditions) are only entitled to be treated at DVA’s expense…..for their accepted service related disabilities or illnesses”. Treatment for all other conditions are at the clients expense.

Please provide your DVA card to reception to record your eligibility details.


“Comcare” is the Federal Government Workers Compensation program for Federal Government employees and 227 registered self-insured businesses, such as Australia Post, CBA and NAB banks, Telstra and the John Holland Group.
“Melbourne Physiotherapy Group” and “Melbourne Pilates and Fitness Group” provide the following services to approved “Comcare” patients:

  • Physiotherapy (including exercise rehabilitation at our Pilates studio)
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage.

Exercise Physiology is not covered by the “Comcare” scheme. New Comcare patients will need to bring their employer details to their first appointment.