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Our Physio Pinakin Godse Worked at the Australian Badminton Open!

Our physiotherapist Pinakin Godse recently worked with Badminton Australia, providing physio support for the Crown Group Australian Badminton Open at Sydney Olympic Park.

The tournament featured some of Badminton’s top players, and Pinakin’s main focus was accurately assessing on-field injuries and forming a precise diagnosis, as well as providing suitable on-field treatment to help players participate in the game again.

Badminton is a fast paced game which requires quick stopping, high jumps and the constant changing of direction. It is important that players engage in post match recovery. Pinakin helped players with pre and post game support, which enabled optimal performance among players.

Pinakin is highly experience in working with athletes from racquet sports. If you are looking for rehabilitation or injury prevention, call (03) 9534 0611 to book in!

You can check out some Pinakin’s photos from the event below:

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