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Our Physio Pav Worked at the National Indigenous Cricket Tournament!

Our physiotherapist, Pav Deshmukh, continued to provide physiotherapy to our Victorian state squads at the National Indigenous Cricket Tournament. Following on from her work at the event last year, Pav again travelled with the squads to Alice Springs in early February.

Below is a short report from Pav on the event:

“As a travelling physiotherapist, my focus is on players’ pre-game preparations, their physio rehab plans, and their recovery sessions. Weather in Alice Springs can be hot and sometimes challenging and we need to place an emphasis on players’ hydration levels and post game recovery. The championship goes for ten days, and due to this, injury prevention is also our goal. We need to manage bowling, throwing loads and at the same time, provide our players with adequate recovery strategies like stretching, ice baths, pool recovery and nutrition which all prevent injuries.

Some games are 50-over and others are T20 games. The paces at which these two formats are played are very different. Furthermore, most of the players are involved in all three components of the game- fielding, batting and bowling- at different stages throughout the match. Fortunately, we did not have any major injury concerns and we played the grand finals! This was exciting as this the second consecutive year that the squad has played a final.”

Pav Cricket

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