MPPFG have 2 new GLA:D™ Trained Physiotherapists!

If you are experiencing hip or knee osteoarthritis, the GLA:D program could be for you.

Have you heard of GLA:D™?
GLA:D™ program is developed by Danish researchers for people experiencing hip and knee osteoarthritis symptoms. This evidence based program consists of extensive education and structured exercise program.

What is involved in GLA:D™?
GLA:D™ involves 6 weeks of structured exercise classes (twice a week) along with 2 education sessions. It also comprises one initial and one final session with our GLA:D™ trained physiotherapists. In the GLA:D™ initial session (1:1 in room), our physios will go through the GLA:D™ program with the client, check for contraindications and gather data. In the final session (1:1 in room), there will be a re-evaluation of symptoms along with further ongoing management of the condition.

What does the evidence say?
Decades of research and hard work is behind physiotherapy management of osteoarthritis. We know from research that exercise in osteoarthritis enhances muscle strength, optimises functional capacity, and reduces pain which further improves quality of life.
As per Denmark data of GLA:D™, hip and knee osteoarthritis symptom progression reduces by 32%. It also showed decreased pain levels and a reduced use of joint related pain medications. Participants also showed a high degree of satisfaction with the program along with increased physical activity levels, even after 12 months.

Do I have to stop my current exercise routine?
Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to continue your present schedule of exercises.

Who can participate in GLA:D™?
Anyone who is experiencing hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms, irrespective of age and severity, can participate in GLA:D™.

Do I require a referral for GLA:D™?
A referral is not necessary. You can contact our clinic to enquire about GLA:D™.

Click here to watch the video for GLA:D™ Australia.

Last year GLA:D™ was also featured on 7News. Recently there has been more awareness in the media about physiotherapy management for osteoarthritis.

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At MPPFG, we incorporate an evidence based approach to manage osteoarthritis. Our physiotherapists, Pinakin and Mary-Ann are both GLA:D™ trained physiotherapists and have extensive experience in running GLA:D™ classes. We will start offering this treatment at the end of June. If you are diagnosed with hip or knee osteoarthritis or know someone who has been diagnosed, please call (03) 9534 0611 for more information.

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