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MPPFG Client Marcus Hunt Completes 6th Melbourne Marathon in 6 Years!

Congratulations to MPPFG client Marcus Hunt, who has completed the Melbourne Marathon for the sixth time in six years! He aims to complete 10 Melbourne Marathons during his 50s. Marcus has been a long-time client of MPPFG, and following the Marathon, he wrote:

“My name is Marcus Hunt, I’m 55 and I’ve just completed my 6th Melbourne Marathon in 6 years. My mission is 10 Melbourne Marathons in my 50s.

Melbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates and Fitness Group are playing a significant role in me achieving my mission. What began 5 years ago as a physio consultation with MPPFG Director Chris Constantinou for a typically runner’s problem has seen me practice Pilates for the last 3 years. I must concede, I was unsure about Pilates when Chris suggested it would compliment my running and help prevent injuries. I had a prejudice that it was too passive and I thought the best activity to improve my running was running. I was wrong. Chris was right. Pilates is dynamic and can be custom programmed for your goals in life.

The excellent Physios and Myos at MPPFG have also helped me achieve my goals and made me feel less of the ‘loneliness of the long distance runner’.”

If you are a runner like Marcus, Pilates could be great way to help prevent injuries. To make an appointment, call (03) 9534 0611!

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