Skilled Hands-On Treatments

Skilled Hands-On Treatments + State of the Art Technologies

MPPFG unites the best of both approaches: hands-on and high-tech.

MPPFG prides itself on its team of experienced and skilful postgraduate trained Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists and Remedial Massage staff. We utilise a range of ‘hands-on’ manual techniques to help assist in the diagnosis of your condition as well as to soothe, mobilise, manipulate, release and stretch the soft tissues involved in your injury/condition.

Some conditions do not respond exclusively to hands-on techniques, or have a phase through the recovery cycle when these techniques are best excluded from treatment.

MPPFG utilises the latest in medical technology to compliment its skilled hands-on treatments.

Your therapist will discuss with you the alternatives that are available to rehabilitate your injury/condition and appropriate timings to implement hands-on and high-tech treatments.