Patient Centred Care

Patient Centred Care

MPPFG understands that you want the best possible outcome in a timely and cost effective manner. Whilst you will be advised of our professional opinions following assessment of your problem, MPPFG seeks to understand your expectations and preferences of treatment options in the management of your injury/condition.

Do I have a say in the treatment I receive?

MPPFG will discuss the treatment you need and implement a plan that meets your expectations and requirements. MPPFG believes treatment outcomes are more successful if they involve informed participation and decision making by the patient.

To this end MPPFG undertakes a Needs Analysis as part of our patient registration process. This creates a direct dialogue about:

  • The most important expectations you have of your consultation at MPPFG.
  • Respectful enquiry about your likes and dislikes of previous Physiotherapy experiences. Your history of successes and failures with previous treatment provides us with valuable information.
  • Specific requirements you have of our service.

Please use this opportunity to inform us of your needs and expectations so that we may provide the best service possible.

Ethical, Best Practice

All MPPFG practitioners are registered with and bound by the ethical guidelines of their respective professional organisations. Physiotherapy treatments are conducted with adherence to APA ethical standards and appropriate Codes of Conduct.

Our adherence to the highest ethical standards is superceded only by our commitment to the leading edge physiotherapy practice. You can be confident that you will receive the latest in research applied with the latest in technology in an environment sensitive to your well-being.

Evidence-based practice

MPPFG is committed to incorporating the latest treatment trends and technologies as directed by scientific research. MPPFG practitioners have a busy Professional Development program which updates them in evidence-based practice trends.

The Active Answer

An integral component of our Philosophy of Care is to empower patients with exercise programs, as well as self-management and prevention strategies, so that they can participate in, and have some sense of control over, their own destiny.

MPPFG will show and teach you how to manage, and actively assist in, your recovery. Optimal outcomes require patients proactive participation in following simple tips and advice to avoid and reduce aggravation and promote healing.

Are you good at following prescribed exercise programs?

If the answer is “Yes” then our approach will suit you and you will improve more quickly and probably save in consultation costs.

If the answer is “No” we won’t abandon you. It’s not that you won’t respond; it’s just that it will take longer if you don’t do your exercises. If you are time poor and simply no good at doing home based exercise programs MPPFG can offer you supervised appointment-based exercise therapy consultations. Our staff will keep you motivated and ensure your recovery progresses smoothly.

Measurable outcomes

Patient satisfaction is more likely when patients can see and feel measurable, observable results.

Constant monitoring of your progress both via patient feedback and objective measures via clinical testing and Functional Outcome Measures allow us to make clinical decisions and/or progressions for your optimal care.

Accurate Diagnosis

The importance of accurate diagnosis

Successful treatment and recovery all begin with an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

MPPFG, with over 25 years of experience at the forefront of clinical practice, combined with our use of the latest research and technology, is in the best possible position to diagnose your ailment in detail.

From pain relief to lasting health

An accurate diagnosis allows us to provide not only immediate pain relief but long-term, lasting results.

After first relieving the ‘bushfire’ of pain you may be experiencing, our dedicated experts will then drill down into your complaint to identify the underlying causes of your condition.

MPPFG applies the most successful integration of musculoskeletal techniques, modalities, exercise programs and practical advice on pain management and prevention strategies to achieve the results you seek in the long-term.

Do you have an injury/condition that is difficult or complex to diagnose?

Although we are proud of our clinical standards there are injuries/conditions that need the help of other disciplines and our clinical and professional standards aim to quickly identify this need and refer on appropriately to move your recovery along as quickly as possible.

Physical Examination & History

Our therapists will navigate you through a carefully taken history and a physical examination which aims to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of your injury/ condition. Where examination procedures are limited by pain and other acute symptoms a working diagnosis will be provided to you. Further ongoing assessment procedures will be used by your therapist to confirm the diagnosis in subsequent sessions.

Custodians of Your Full Recovery

MPPFG is committed to you operating and performing at your best. To this end we tailor treatment and services depending on where you are in the recovery cycle. Often a condition can occur simultaneously or underneath the one you are aware of. MPPFG adopts a triage approach of prioritizing treatments to accelerate your recovery.

  • Acute pain relief. Putting your mind and body at ease by first addressing any immediate, debilitating pain.
  • Rehabilitation & prevention. Identifying underlying causes of your condition allows us to help you begin the road to recovery and prevent recurrence.
  • Maintenance. Working with you on strategies to keep you active and healthy.
  • Performance enhancement. For those so inclined, we can develop programs to have you performing better than your pre-injury state and/or to simply become the best you can be.